Acute Vs. Chronic Inflammation

The Effect That Chronic Inflammation Can Have On Your Body

 Pacific Beach Chiropractic

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Swelling can be frustrating to anyone, especially when it is so hard to hide. It can happen to any part of the body and sometimes can show signs on the outside, which can cause an individual to be self-conscious and uncomfortable at times. According to Medical News Today, inflammation is your body’s way of protecting itself against harmful spurs, such as damaged cells, irritants, and pathogens. Your body does this in order to start healing. For example, when your body offers care and protection to an area, such as the back, which has sustained a serious blow, it is your innate immune system that kicks in and comes to the rescue. 

There are two types of inflammation: acute and chronic. The major difference between the two is that that acute inflammation, typically lasts for a shorter period of time and chronic inflammation can be persistent and hang around for a long time. However, even when swelling is only temporary, one can still see the outward display of symptoms. Below are some of the characteristics of acute swelling:

  • Dilated blood vessels which cause redness and heat

  • Pain because nerves are reacting to the swelling

  • Fluid retention in the tissues also stimulates nerves

  • Unpleasantness or discomfort helps an individual stay off and rest that area

 Pacific Beach Chiropractic

Pacific Beach Chiropractic

Both types of swelling can be caused by an infection and may respond to a situation in different ways. Chronic inflammation, however, can be dangerous because it no longer healing the body and it is there for another reason, which can often be annoying and debilitating. This particular ailment can be caused by:

  • Autoimmune disorder – when the initial response is overactive for no reason (infection or injury) and can result in tissue damage. If found in the digestive track, ulcers in the stomach or small intestines could possibly occur.

  • Type II Diabetes – diabetes may cause an individual to retain water, which may increase swelling in the feet (among other areas); weight gain could also result from water retention. 

  • Heart disease

 When untreated, swelling can be a precursor to depression, cancer, and even Alzheimer’s. As your body’s natural defense mechanism, swelling serves as a protector and healer when you need it. Chronic swelling puts your body in overdrive, making it react when it doesn’t need to and may be damaging to vital organs. It is important to treat the causes of chronic inflammation because it will protect your body from unnecessary pain and discomfort. 

Chronic swelling can be treated with medication prescribed by a doctor; however prescription medication is not the only option available to those who suffer from chronic swelling. There are quite a few homeopathic or natural remedies that an individual can use to help lessen the effects of swelling, such as:

  • Application of ice 

  • Elevation of the area 

  • Fish Oil and Omega 3

  • Green Tea

  • Tart Cherries 

  • Turmeric, ginger, hyssop, and other herbs

An ailment such as chronic swelling can leave a person feeling drained, and frustrated; especially when they are not aware of what is causing the problem. For more information on inflammation, please click here.

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