Are You Scrolling Through Your Phone Before Bed? You’re Doing It All Wrong (Sleep & Social Media).

Author: Amanda Fuller

 Pacific Beach Chiropractic

Pacific Beach Chiropractic

What do you spend your time doing before bed each night? If you’re like most people in this world, chances are you are spending your time, before falling asleep, updating and checking social media. Do you notice that it may take you longer to fall asleep after tweeting, poking, surfing, etc.? Well, it turns out there is some scientific truth to this. Most people don’t even realize the impact this activity is having on their sleep. Being exposed to the bright light from your computer or phone screens while in bed delays the brain and body’s ability to get to sleep. People aren’t falling asleep as quickly as they should and in turn aren’t getting the required amount of sleep. Did you know that not getting enough sleep can even affect your long-term memory? Falling asleep with a racing mind also impacts the quality of sleep you’re getting. Bedtime should be associated with calming down and chilling out, perhaps with a good book or easy music. If you’re trying to go straight to sleep after scrolling through Instagram, Facebook or even the local news, it may take your mind a while to shut down. This can definitely make for a less restful night.  What could be worse? Well some people are even woken up due to incoming messages. These could be messages from friends, or dare I say it – bosses, which can make falling back to sleep that much harder. In a world where everyone is so accessible, social media has become a large part of people’s lives and they can find it hard to keep up. The pressures of staying up to date and the fear of being left out can really take its toll. So what is our advice to you? Try leaving social media out of your bedtime rituals. Brush your teeth, grab a glass of water and your favorite book. Or listen to some calming music, but don’t forget to shut off the lights. Try it and let us know how you feel! You can always get your social media fix over your morning coffee. If you’re sleeping more and getting more quality sleep, your overall quality of life is sure to improve!  

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