How a Chiropractor Helps Reduce Pain from Pregnancy

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Alleviating Pain with Chiropractic Care

Pregnancy is a beautiful stage of life that many women experience. The joy of becoming pregnant and realizing that you’re about to bring a new life into the world can be indescribable. Unfortunately, for most, being pregnant can be equated with bouts of pain from the minimal to the excruciating. Seeing your chiropractor to alleviate this pain is a positive step in the right direction. Is your pregnancy causing you discomfort? Here’s why you should see your chiropractor today:

Reasons to See Your Chiropractor

Chiropractic adjustment benefits can be seen for the following symptoms:

  • Back Pain –Your shifting uterus and the weight of the growing baby can cause you to slouch and put stress on your back.  Your chiropractor can find the right adjustments for you to ease your pain.

  • High Blood Pressure –Many women experience high blood pressure as the result of the change in hormone levels during pregnancy.  This can cause negative effects on the health of the mother and baby during pregnancy and is one of the top reasons to see your chiropractor if blood pressure issues cause any concern.

  • Nausea – Whether it is frequent or infrequent the feeling of nausea from smells, tastes and even just getting out of bed can be irritating to your senses. Chiropractic care can helpfully reduce your morning (or all day) sickness by addressing the imbalance in your nervous system and correcting it.

Types of Treatments

Pregnancy-specific chiropractic techniques may consist of:

  • Adjustments – Carefully placed adjustments will be done on your growing body to release any tension on your nervous system. Your chiropractor can align your spine and support the tissue and nerves around it with this positive therapy.

  • Stretching – In order to keep your body from getting stiff during pregnancy, it’s a good idea to include a daily stretch routine, which can bring balance. With posture changes and the new body positions you are becoming familiar with, stretching your muscles and joints is important in maintaining the physical well-being of your body.

  • Exercise – Chiropractors encourage healthy exercise during pregnancy. This can not only ease your discomfort but prevent other complications that may arise due to your changing body structure. Exercises that your chiropractor will recommend 


Benefits of Chiropractic Care

  • Correcting Posture – By adjusting your spine and keeping it in alignment, your chiropractor can help reduce any lower back pain you are feeling. The adjustments during and after pregnancy can even help prevent any long term pain.

  • Lowering Blood Pressure –   By realigning your spine, adjustments can also lower your blood pressure. Specific types of adjustments exist for this purpose and your chiropractor will determine which is right for you during your pregnancy.

  • Reducing Nausea – Routine adjustments can take the pressure off of your joints, tissues, and muscles which may be causing your nausea. They also keep your nervous system healthy since they are freeing any tension on your spine which may contribute to an added feeling of sickness.

Now that you’re preparing to welcome your bundle of joy, are you ready to enjoy the journey of getting there? Pain and discomfort do not have to be something you have to live with just because you are pregnant.  The first step is to manage your pain by seeing your chiropractor to help you have a healthy and happy pregnancy.For more ways you can benefit from choosing a chiropractor for pregnancy pain, click here.

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