How Chiropractors Can Help Pinched Nerves

The Importance of Chiropractic Care to Reduce Pain

 Pacific Beach Chiropractor

Pacific Beach Chiropractor

Suffering from a pinched nerve can mean battling a daily fight for comfort.  The severity of your pain may leave you searching for immediate, effective relief.  With all of the health practitioners out there, it can be hard to find the right one to alleviate your grief.  With the proven benefits of holistic health today, many people wonder, “Do chiropractors help a pinched nerve?”  Specializing in spinal and soft tissue injuries, chiropractors can be just the answer you are looking for.  Here are some ways they can help with your pinched nerve.

 Pacific Beach Chiropractor

Pacific Beach Chiropractor

Why a Chiropractor Should Be Seen

Chiropractic treatment for a pinched nerve can be an extremely effective source of pain relief.  Pinched nerves normally occur around the nerves along your spine which causes pain and numbness to radiate as far as your arms and legs.  Chiropractors are well educated in spinal manipulations and can effectively adjust your neck and back to loosen up these areas.  If you want to avoid surgery, chiropractors can work to manually relieve the pressure on your nerves so that your body can begin to heal itself.  

 Therapies for a Pinched Nerve

  • Exercise

If you’re experiencing pain from a pinched nerve, odds are moving isn’t high on the list of things you want to do.  Chiropractors encourage exercise, though, because getting your blood to flow will help to decrease swelling and added pressure on your nerves. It may be uncomfortable at first, but with continued exercise therapy, you’ll feel less pain and tension.  A great alternative that may be suggested is to give swimming a try as an easier, pain-relieving workout.

  • Stretching

The area around the pinched nerve will need to be stretched to allow for freer movement.  It may be tempting to keep the area still since it is hurting you, but that will only cause stiffening.  You’ll need your muscles to be limber to allow the body to heal itself correctly.  

  • Heat and Ice Therapy

This can be as simple as applying an ice pack or a warm compress to your neck or back.  Chiropractors use warm towels to relax the area and ice to take away any swelling.  Combined with others therapies suggested, you may be able to feel some fast relief.

  • Electrical Stimulation

Chiropractors use a unique method of electrical stimulation to relieve nerve pain.  This involves using safe levels of electrical current to reach your nerves.  The pulsating current acts as a deeper tissue massage, giving your nerves some aid from any pressure and helping to ease the pain you are feeling around your pinch nerve.

Follow-Up Care

Once the pain from your pinched nerve is diminishing or even completely gone, a chiropractor may suggest that you follow up every few months to assess how you are feeling and to continue to keep that pain at bay.  Stretching as well as exercising will continue to be beneficial not only for the area where the pain was but your overall health as well.  You may not have liked to exercise much in the past, but now you are going to have a new found appreciation for it.  Living pain-free never felt so good!

Schedule an appointment for chiropractic care as soon as possible, you don’t have to live with the pain from a pinched nerve.  Chiropractors will not only diagnose and treat the pain but ensure continuous treatment to ensure the pain doesn’t return.  Do you enjoy activities like participating in sports or playing with your children or grandchildren?  Then don’t let that pinched nerve hold you back. For more information on pinched nerve relief, click here.

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