Migraine Treatment

If you are looking for Migraine Treatment in San Diego or if you have suffered from migraines for months or years, this article is for you. Debilitating migraines can bring your life to a screeching halt. Throbbing pain, visual disturbances, nausea, pain that can’t be touched by medication and is often only relieved by laying down in a quiet, dark room for hours. If this sounds like you, you have probably tried everything under the sun to find a migraine cure without success. 

Migraines are a neurogenic vascular type of headache, which means that an irritation to the nerves that control blood flow to your head is causing them to constrict abnormally. Medication can be used to try to normalize the blood flow back to the constricted areas, but it doesn’t remove the offending issue causing irritation to the nerves that are causing it. Chiropractic works to normalize the structures that can be irritating the nerves that are causing your headaches. By balancing your body you allow normal function and remove irritation from those nerves. Well placed. Specific adjustments can provide quick and long lasting relief. Migraine treatment will usually consist of repeated adjustments over time to permanently affect the body in a positive way.

Whether you have suffered from Migraines for the majority of your life, or have just experienced your first one, it is important to discover the root cause, and not just mask the pain with medication. There may be a structural issue causing your Migraines. A thorough chiropractic examination can discover these and correct them. Call Personalized Chiropractic for your low cost initial examination and find the cause of your Migraines today. (858) 866-3345

Please share you experiences with Migraine Treatment in the comments below with what has and has not worked for you and I will try to address each one.

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