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Here at Personalized Chiropractic we Strive to provide you with the most pleasurable experience available. There are many questions and concerns when seeking a new health care service. Our Personalized Chiropractic Team will work hard to meet all of your health and wellness needs.

Dr. Ryan Curda D.C.

Dr. Ryan Curda was born and raised in the great state of Alaska. Growing up in the rural town of Bethel provided Dr. Ryan with a unique perspective on life, health, and community. Ryan moved to San Diego in 2001 to pursue and attain a Bachelor of Science degree in Film at San Diego State University. 

Vanessa Berger- CA

Vanessa was born and raised in beautiful Brazil, but it was in San Diego that she found herself at home. Graduated in journalism, chose a different path to follow and feel fulfilled. Today she is the head of her own business, a swimwear company where she can express all her creativity developing the products.  

She believes that the connection between mind and body is the golden key to a long a happy life. Meditation and a good nutrition, allies to a regular exercise routine are an indispensable part of her day-by-day. 

Courtney Howard-Massage Therapist

Courtney is a massage therapist, yoga enthusiast and instructor, tireless mom and avid Bears fan. She has a busy and blessed life and business in beautiful San Diego, California.

Even as a child, Courtney believed in the mind/body connection. However, it wasn’t until her parents developed numerous health issues and sought treatment through massage therapy that she became attracted to the idea of helping people like her parents reach optimum health.

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