Reducing Hypertension With Chiropractic Care 

How A Chiropractor Can Help Lower Your Blood Pressure

Doctors warn that high blood pressure (hypertension) can cause heart disease and a multitude of other health problems. It could even result in heart failure. Traditional methods of combating the condition include losing weight, exercising, eating right, and not smoking. Alcohol can be good or bad, depending on how much you drink. While a small amount of alcohol is beneficial, drinking too much can raise blood pressure and reduce effectiveness of prescribed medications, so it is recommended that those who drink use caution. Additionally, patients are advised to avoid processed foods and to take it easy on the salt.

 Pacific Beach Chiropractic

Pacific Beach Chiropractic

As serious as it is, the ‘silent killer’ – which affects one in three adults in the United States – is so called because there are no symptoms, yet it could be fatal. People who suffer from high blood pressure consistently have blood pressure readings of 140/90 and higher, while a normal reading is 120/80 or lower. Those who have family members who have hypertension are more likely to have it themselves. 

Problems Caused by Hypertension and What to Do

People with high blood pressure can develop other health problems; poor circulation, and risk of heart attack or stroke among them. In most cases, there is no know cause to be found when diagnosing the condition. That type of hypertension is known as primary. Sometimes people have other health problems first, like kidney or heart ailments, that cause it. This is called secondary. Sometimes, medications, either prescribed or over-the-counter, could be the culprit. Discontinuing the offending medication may or may not return blood pressure to normal.

 Pacific Beach Chiropractic

Pacific Beach Chiropractic

As mentioned earlier, for the 70 million Americans who battle the disease, things like limiting processed foods and alcohol, exercising regularly and quitting the use of tobacco products, along with maintaining a healthy weight, can help them in their fight. There are medications, which can be helpful, but in some cases a chiropractor can also provide a drug-free solution.

 If You Suffer from Hypertension

You can take comfort knowing that there is a breakthrough chiropractic treatment that can help reduce and relieve the effects of the condition. Your chiropractor can perform a procedure, which can be more effective than two of the leading medications combined. The adjustment realigns the C-1 vertebra, also known as the Atlas vertebra, with the spine. The Atlas vertebra, located at the top of the spine, is responsible for holding the head up. This chiropractic technique was tested with 50 participants, 25 of which were given a simulated adjustment. In the 25 patients who underwent the actual adjustment, blood pressure was lowered and the need for medication reduced.

Your doctor can diagnose high blood pressure non-invasively in his office. Get tested and follow your doctor’s orders. You may be prescribed medications, which you should take as prescribed. If you have already been diagnosed and are on medication, you may be able to reduce the need for it by seeing your chiropractor and discussing the possibility of having him perform the adjustment discussed in this article.

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