Rib Pain can be quite debilitating; it hurts to move, to breathe, to sleep, and god help you if you cough or sneeze! Obviously acute injuries can lead to broken, bruised, separated, or dislocated ribs. And unfortunately in these cases there is not a whole lot to do for them besides manage the pain and let them heal. Since the rib cage is integral during almost all body movements this can take a fairly long time; many weeks to months to fully heal.

Other conditions such as costochondritis, Shingles, intercostal neuralgia are generally caused by a slower disease process taking time to manifest. In the case of Shingles, which is caused by the Measles, the pain symptoms usually emerges many years after the initial infection.

Sharp Rib Pains While Breathing, Costochondritis, or Intercostal Neuralgia

Costochondritis, intercostal neuralgia, and acute localized sharp pain exacerbated with inhalation can all be caused by the subluxation of a rib head. When a rib head is misaligned and does not properly articulate with the vertebrae in the spinal column this will cause irritation of the joint and nerve. Poor articulation causes irritation, which leads to inflammation, which causes pain. Restoring that proper articulation can be achieved easily with a gentle and specific Chiropractic adjustment. After restoring the proper joint alignment it is imperative to determine what caused this to happen in the first place so that you can take steps to prevent it from happening again in the future.

Finding the Cause with a Quick Examination

The first step in treating your rib pain is to first determine what the cause is. Receiving an exam and providing a full history can easily provide this for you. Once you know the cause of your rib pain, only then can you manage your condition with realistic expectations and a plan moving forward.

Holistic Wellness and Chiropractic Treatment of Rib Pain

At Personalized Chiropractic, we care about our clients’ health first and foremost. We focus on a holistic approach to wellness, helping our clients in the San Diego area to not simply treat symptoms, but rather to treat the root cause of their ailments.  There are many options out there when deciding on yours and your family’s health care. Pacific Beach Chiropractor Dr. Ryan Curda would like to help you make an educated and informed decision. Call Personalized Chiropractic for any questions you may have regarding Chiropractic Care, your particular health concern, and the options available to you.

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