The Benefits of Floatation Tank therapy

Floatation tanks have gained recently in popularity and practice. San Diego floatation tank facilities have opened up through-out the county. Flot, located downtown is the facility I’ve personally visited on several occasions. Floatation tanks, also known as sensory deprivation tanks, have been used to help block out the noise of the world to be able to fully concentrate on the present state of your mind. From the nagging to-do lists of everyday life, to practicing meditation to focus your mind and let go, and even to find the greatest epiphany on the inner workings of the universe. The depth and breadth with which each person decides to go into the tank to explore of their own mind is unique to everyone. Both in where they are in their day, and where they are in life. Bringing focus and clarity to the task ahead of dealing with what life has to offer. Clear, calm, and confident.

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The benefits to mental clarity cannot be denied, but regular float sessions in the tank have many health benefits for  the physical body’s health as well. The magnesium salts used to make the tank water extremely hypertonic has a detoxifying effect on the body exactly like an epsom salt bath. Other than the incredibly relaxing effect of the feeling of weightlessness achieved the Musculoskeletal benefits of using a floatation tank are primarily in the decompression effects of unloading of gravitational forces compressing the joints that we normally experience while standing or sitting. While floating in the tank and being suspended in the Magnesium bath your body has a prolonged chance to relax and release tension throughout the body. I have personally experienced and heard testimonies of particular relief being felt primarily in the Lumbar spine (low back).

After leaving the tank a relaxing euphoria washes over you. That of a light, relaxed, self assurance. Please leave your comments below about your past experiences with floatation tanks and how they have affected your health and your life.

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