What I Get to Do vs. What I Have To Do? The Happiness Equation.

Everyone wants to be Happy. What does that really mean? Love, Money, Success, Family, Drive, Purpose, Service? Happiness means different things to different people. But in the end Happiness comes down to Doing What you Want to Do vs. Doing What you Have to Do. It’s a simple equation of creating more of what you want vs. what you are obligated to do with your time. We all have obligations; Paying the rent/mortgage, insurance, taxes, etc. And we all have what makes us happy; meaningful work, family time, vacations, donating our time to help others, etc. The balance comes from being able to do what makes us happy and fulfilled more of the time than not. 

I’m going to ‘borrow” a quote that I’ve heard in the past; “If you’re not doing something that either makes you money, or makes you happy, stop doing it”. If you aren’t doing something you love or doing something that is creating wealth so that you can do what you love than it is an obligation on your time, energy, and resources. Cut it out if possible. We can’t always cut out the obligations in our lives, but we can make a conscious effort to eliminate as many as possible. Once you identify what you are doing that is neither making you money or fulfilling your life it becomes easy to outsource or eliminate completely.

I work as a Chiropractor in San Diego, and I feel I have one of the most rewarding and fulfilling professions in the world. I’m privileged to help people on a daily basis for injuries or ailments that are impeding how they are able to live their lives. I have seen in my seven years as a practitioner, amazing results and transformation of patients who have made complete turn arounds of how they are able to interact with their families, co-workers, and the world in general. As my former boss and mentor always said, “You can’t take care of any one else, if you don’t first take care of yourself.”

I would like to share the story of a patient of mine that I saw in my first year of practice. For privacy reasons we’ll call her Sheila. Sheila came in with a history of daily headaches for the last 10 years, she was about 27. Sheila had been to Neurologists, Pain Management Doctors, Physical therapists, etc. She told me we were about the tenth Doctor she had seen for her headaches over the past ten years. We examined her, took imaging, and prescribed a treatment plan. Mind you, she has been suffering from Daily Headaches for a decade. After about two weeks I asked her how her headaches were. She replied that she had only one or two since starting treatment. After two months I asked her again how her headaches were, she replied that she hadn’t suffered one in the last month and a half. We continued treating Sheila for the cause of her headaches with regular Chiropractic care and I didn’t think anything of it, we see this type of result regularly. About four months after we initially saw Sheila she was in the office and brought her son. He is a high school aged boy and apparently very good at basketball, playing on his high schools varsity team. She introduced us and after what he said I started to cry. “Dr. Curda, my mom has never been able to sit through my games because of her headaches, and now she can watch my games.” He thanked me and left with his mom. Anytime I feel obligated to deal with the minutia of running a business; rent, taxes, marketing, payroll, etc. I always remember my patients and what I get to do for a living.

My happiness, and what really “Gets me out of bed in the Morning”, is my patients. I love em. All of them. Even the “Challenging” ones. Not only do I get a chance to try to solve the puzzle of why they are in my office, but I am honored to share in their lives. Know their families, their work, what they got to do on vacation, and sadly their losses. I have a family, aside from my own back in Alaska, and I am so thankful to serve them everyday. That’s what makes me happy.

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