Why Is Sitting Too Much A Major Concern? 

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Advances in technology have led to lifestyle changes that have resulted in people spending a lot more time sitting down. However, sitting too much based on research has been found not to be ideal. There are several reasons why sitting too much is a major concern.

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Health Concerns 

Based on several studies sitting for long periods of time has been linked to multiple health issues. These include obesity and several conditions such as increased blood pressure, excess body fat especially around the waist, high blood sugar, and abnormal cholesterol levels that are known to make up metabolic syndrome. Prolonged sitting periods and too much sitting in general also increase the risk of death from cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Multiple studies have revealed that people who sit for more than eight hours on a daily basis and who do not engage in any physical activity have a high risk of dying which is regarded to be similar to the risks of dying that are posed by smoking and obesity. Sitting too much also leads to weight gain, back pain, bad posture, and hip imbalance. People who sit too much have a high probability of gaining weight. Extra weight can result in lower metabolism, a higher risk of diabetes and heart disease, premature death, and added stress on bones and joints which may lead to more pains and aches. Sitting for long periods of time can also eventually leads to back muscles deteriorating which ends up causing back pain.

Preventive Measures

As much as more research is needed to further determine the effects of physical activity and sitting on health, what is clear is that sitting too much and less movement contribute to poor health. Fortunately, the effects of too much sitting based on the studies could be countered by a person engaging in moderately intense physical activity for around 60 to 75 minutes a day. Another study even found that sitting time had a minimal contribution to mortality for individuals who were active. Movement even if it is for leisure is immensely important. It helps to burn calories, which leads to increased energy and weight loss. Physical activity also helps to maintain muscle tone, a person’s ability to move, and one’s well-being especially when an individual ages. 

It is highly recommended for people to sit less and move more in a bid to attain better health. People are highly encouraged to stand rather than sit whenever they have the chance or to find ways to walk even at work. It is recommended that people should take a break from sitting after every 30 minutes. When watching television or talking on the phone people are advised to stand. People working at desks should consider using a standing desk or improvising with high tables or counters. Walking with colleagues for meetings as opposed to sitting in a conference room is also regarded to be ideal. 

Sitting too much is basically not ideal. People are encouraged to stand more and engage in physical activity for better health. Chiropractic care can help to address some of the problems associated with sitting too much such as back pain and stiffness. People who have problems due to sitting too much or who need tips on how to avoid the related issues are highly advised to visit a chiropractor. The professional will offer the needed help and advice that will lead to better health.

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