Why Is Texting Too Much A Major Concern?

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Many people text every day. It is a form of communication that allows people to stay in touch with family and friends and to conduct business among other things. However, texting is not completely harmless. Texting too much is a major concern for several reasons some of which have been elaborated on below.

Health Concerns

When people look at their phones while texting the weight of their heads increase, which leads to the gravitational pull on their necks. One study found that when people look at their smartphones they add approximately 60 pounds of weight on their necks. Bad posture when someone is texting is also regarded to lead to spine problems which ends up resulting in chronic neck pain, chronic back pain, persistent shoulder pain, and the development of text neck. Text neck basically refers to neck pain and damage that is sustained from looking down on electronic devices frequently and for a long time. Over a long duration slouching forward ends up increasing the wear and tear on a person’s spine and it can result in spinal misalignment and spinal degeneration.

Text neck is a serious and growing problem. Some of the symptoms of text neck include chronic headaches, tension, spine curvature, pain in the neck, upper back, and shoulders, early arthritis onset, as well as difficulty in turning the head. The more a person leans the head forward, the more weight is placed on the neck and upper back, and the more serious the spinal issues become. People who spend long periods on hand-held electronic devices put themselves at risk. It is believed that growing children who start using electronic devices such as cell phones early in life are at a greater risk. The addition of weight on a cervical spine which is growing can lead to damage and pain at an early age. Individuals who use smartphones with bad posture add stress to their spines. Over some years, this can result to back and neck muscles deteriorating to the extent that an individual may need surgery.

How To Minimize Text Neck

A person can minimize text neck by limiting the amount of time spent on the cellphone. Reducing the amount of time spent on texting can help reduce the pressure placed on one’s neck and spine. Another way that text neck can be prevented is by an individual focusing on strengthening ones core. Core muscles consist of the abdominal and lower back muscles and they help to support the neck and upper body. There are particular exercises that focus on these mid-section muscles such as side balance crunches and knee tucks that can help to strengthen them. Other steps that can help prevent text neck include taking frequent walks, keeping the cell phone at eye level, using the phone while sitting, keeping the feet flat on the floor while sitting, moving the eyes downward to read the screen, and engaging the core whenever possible.

People who experience persistent back and neck pain who suspect text neck are encouraged to seek professional help in order to prevent long-term issues. A professional chiropractor can evaluate a person’s situation and determine if the individual needs chiropractic spinal adjustments or any other treatments. Chiropractic care is an ideal solution to preventing or dealing with problems that result from texting too much.  

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