Why You Need A Chiropractor for Your Lifting Injury

When to see a Chiropractor for a lifting injury 

Lifting is very strenuous to the major joints of the body as they bear large amounts of weight. This causes a variety of injuries if not done properly. Repetitively lifting heavy items can cause severe or even irreparable damage to your knees, spine, ankles, elbows, wrists, and shoulders. Knowing how to properly lift and taking needed preventative measures can save you from injury. A trip to your Chiropractor can help improve many conditions. Below are some of the benefits of visiting a Chiropractor before or after a lifting injury.

Common Types of Lifting Injuries

There are some commonly occurring injuries in people who are improperly lifting items, such as knee pain, low back pain, stability, and mobility issues, strain, and upper limb pains. Some other common injuries caused by incorrect lifting techniques include; disc herniation, which is caused by poor lifting mechanics. Symptoms of disc herniation include localized back pain and tingling or numbness that travels down to the legs. A SLAP tear (Superior Labrum Anterior and Posterior) is also a very common injury. It may be caused by both acute trauma and repetitive stress from motions like throwing or overhead lifting.

 Pacific Beach Chiropractor

Pacific Beach Chiropractor

Patellar tendonitis is the inflammation of the knee tendon and occurs when the muscle is overused or is too tight during lifts which use the legs such as squats and lunges.  Shoulder impingement syndrome (a rotator cuff problem) occurs when the shoulder tendons that hold it in place become inflamed and can happen from lifting anything overhead. Rotatorinjuries can occur when tendons of the shoulder (one or more) tear and it can be caused by these overhead lifts. Back sprains and strains commonly occur in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments located at the back. 

 How to Prevent Injuries

  • You need to warm up your muscles before weight lifting or lifting something heavy by stretching. 

  • You ought to also check in with a trainer or more experienced lifter periodically, so as to evaluate your form since improper technique is a common cause of injury. 

  • Take advantage of preventative care such as chiropractic treatment. A study from Annals of Internal Medicine stated that adding shoulder manipulation as compared to traditional rehab techniques helped in reducing shoulder pain and improved the outcome associated with specific shoulder injuries. 

What to Do If You Are Experiencing Pain from Lifting 

Chiropractors can assist in evaluating your form and posture or recommend changes in post-workout care diet that may be beneficial to you. Also, working with a chiropractor helps you get prompt treatment as soon as an injury occurs, as they will help you in developing a full treatment plan that includes how much time off is necessary and the measures needed to be taken to prevent injuries in the future. Overall, if you want to treat a lifting injury or want to avoid one, a chiropractor is the best choice you can make when it comes to prevention and healing a lifting injury.

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Pacific Beach Chiropractor

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